January 2018

Before you know it, A New Year has already started.

Busy times at the Tigress and we are having so much fun these days too. We decided to be open Christmas eve this year and make it a party. Regular customers brought in goodies, I made an egg-nog punch, the bar was full of good wishes and warmth. A big thank you to all who came by.

New year, new menu.  Please let us know which original cocktail you like the best.  The Tigress staff will be going to San Antonio Jan 13th and 14th to enjoy the  annual San Antonio Cocktail Conference. Former Tigress Bartender Jill will be behind the bar on Saturday Jan 13th. thank you Jill.

In the works:

A Tiki night the end of to shu-away those winter blues.  We are planning for the end of January, watch for it on Facebook page.

The Walking Dead will be starting up again in February. If you are a Walking Dead fan, please join us on Sunday nights.

Wishing you all a healthy season, No Flu!



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Looking into the bar at The Tigress Pub in Austin Texas