Yes, Yes! The Expansion is days away from being completed. There is a pass way through to the other side now. Just finishing up some painting, staining, light carpentry action and cleaning. We will be good to go with double the seating for the Tigress soon.

A New Menu is being worked out as well. Please stay tuned, Follow us on Facebook for daily changes and updates

Thank you for being wonderful customers,


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Look for the Tiger to get to the Tigress Pub in Austin Texas

Street View of The Tigress Pub in Austin Texas

Looking into the bar at The Tigress Pub in Austin Texas

The Tigress Pub Menu Cards
The Tigress Pub T-Shirt

Looking for a gift idea?

Why not some Classic Cocktails or a Tigress Pub T-Shirt to your friends and family!
Cocktail Cards:
$15.- if you “Pick-Up” at the bar or
$20.- and we will “Ship” for you.
$12.- “Pick-Up” at the bar
(Women: M, L / Men: M, L, XL)
You can also purchase from a bartender on your next visit.

“Pick-Up Cocktail Cards”

“Ship Cocktail Cards”

“Pick-Up T-Shirt”