Summertime summertime Sum Sum summertime 2015

Well first we had all that wonderful rain, and now the Heat is on! I have to say time is always moving at a fast clip for me.

New stuff at the Tigress, Finally after 3 years in the planning, phase 3 is completed, The Tigress has a wee little patio space in the back garden of the bar.  I planted mint, rosemary, and basil in the garden to enjoy.  I will get pictures up on this site, however it’s faster (much faster) to see pictures on our Facebook page, or better yet come see for yourself.

Texas Tiki week is coming, you haven’t missed it.  Tiki week is part of the United States Bartenders Guild Austin chapter activities.  The past 3 previous years, Tiki week was the last week in June, this year its the first week in August, August 1-9.  The Tigress will have a Tiki menu.  Setting up a Tiki bar with all the “fixings” takes planning and space, I completely enjoy this opportunity to improve my skills (hopefully) in the ways of the Tiki.

September will be here before you know it friends.  September is National Bourbon month, so we will be having fun with that too.



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Look for the Tiger to get to the Tigress Pub in Austin Texas

Street View of The Tigress Pub in Austin Texas

Looking into the bar at The Tigress Pub in Austin Texas

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