October 2017

Here we are back at the end of an another year.  As the Tigress celebrated seven years in business this past May, reflections on all the changes. The second room expansion and patio are over 3 years old already.  We had a great summer, it felt like we were busy the whole time. The summer slow downs of the past seem less and less noticeable.  Austin has become a more year round happening city, the heat doesn’t slow us down that much.

So the new menu is here, all the cocktails except for one are original to the Tigress. My staff is extra amazing and they have created some note worthy deliciousness.

The Walking Dead will be starting up again Oct. 22nd, Sunday nights at 8pm. If you are a Walking Dead fan, please join us on Sunday nights. We take this show seriously and have been watching since the very beginning.



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Looking into the bar at The Tigress Pub in Austin Texas