Happy October 2014
I’ve needed to update the Tigress website for a long time now, sorry for the delay. I’m rather embarrassed because I’ve been the biggest scolder of websites that don’t update regularly over the years, now I’m guilty of doing the same thing.

The expansion to the Tigress was completed the second week in April. I love it! there is plenty of room for everyone now. Plans for a small garden in the back are still in the works. The summer got too hot for planting and the large pecan tree that I had been trying to save for the last 4 years, dead and will need to be removed before I can proceed with the garden space.

At the end of last April, Julianna, my bartender of 3.5 years decided it was time to move on. I wish her well in her journey, 3.5 years is a long time to be in one spot for a bartender. In May, I got two new bartenders, Emily and Lana. I’m thrilled to have these lovely ladies, we have had a good summer together and we are excited about all the end of the year holidays.
September was National Bourbon Heritage month. To keep with that theme we had mostly Bourbon cocktails on the menu, one of which was a Bourbon and beer cocktail on Tap called Beggar’s Banquet. This was my first try at the “Cocktails on Tap” trend. We have done (2) 5 gallon batches and I’ll be doing a 3rd shortly. Everyone seems to like it.
Reminder: The Walking Dead fans, season begins Oct. 12th. We like to get into this show on Sunday nights, be prepared to be seeing some rough stuff.

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