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Can it be that Fall is on the way?

Hello, Happy September 3rd, 2020

Can it be that we are finally out of the 3 digit temperatures until next summer? I sure hope so, everything I do seems much harder to do at 103F.

The Tigress To-Go order business seems to be going along well. Kelsey is back from her road trip, so we are complete. We had a 4 day Tiki week that was very busy, Thank you so much dear customers for your support on that. Tiki always deliveries the fun and the challenge to us. Just when I think we have bought enough Spam and pineapple juice, we need more. I was really impressed with the Tiki decor that was done by Kelsey and Judd, it looked great! I’ll put pictures up on Facebook.

Holly has been working diligently on the menu, sharping the rough edges to a fine point, using all kinds of computer skills. I will soon have it posted here, but for now it can be seen on Facebook. Highlights are, we have now 4 different grill cheese panini sandwiches. Also, bread pudding is available. Cocktail wise we are featuring some old favorites, the Library Card, Boys of Summer, and The Hollywog, Fancy Feast and Jolene remain very popular. Beer, we are now selling growlers at a great prices. There are too many special options to list.

In the first weekend in October we are planing to celebrate The Tigress 10th anniversary 5 months late. Yes, Tigress turned 10 in May, but like so many things that had to be postpone, proper celebrations had to be rescheduled. So, we will have many one of a kind treats to mark this occasion, and yes, there will be cake.

Stay safe everyone

much love,


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Ordering Instructions

  1. Check out our menu at
  2. Choose your cocktails and add grilled cheese(at least one for any booze order)
  3. Add on any merch or cocktail mixers
  4. Place order through Facebook , or phone (512-600-3232) and we will confirm with time.

Togo days and times

Thur-Sat 4pm-9pm Sunday 12-5pm